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No liability for use of material provided by this web site

GENERAL PUBLIC: The purpose of this website is to inform you of the nature of fraud so that you can chart your course to avoid being trapped by its deception. There are many opinions (mixed with facts) contained on these pages. There are ideas and even advice. However, the materials may be incomplete or misleading when applied to the facts of your case . Do not “operate” on yourself. Obtain the advise of competent professionals.  This site does not provide legal advice because a professional must know the facts of your case before he can give advice. The website's editor, John Tollefsen, is licensed in the States of Oregon and Washington only.  The information on this web site may not be applicable to another state.

PROFESSIONAL: Consider this website a collection of possibly helpful documents organized but not vetted. We publish materials from a variety of sources without checking the accuracy of the material. Some of the opinions are illogical and inconsistent with one another. The case law provided here has not been checked for accuracy against the original. If you find errors, please contact our editor.   THERE IS NO WARRANTY THAT THE INFORMATION ON THIS SITE IS ACCURATE OR COMPLETE .






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Financial fraud fighting resources for Oregon and Washington. For lawyers and the general public.

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