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Ideas for Finding the Perpetrator

  1. Write down what do you know about this person.
  2. Have you collected all information from others who dealt with the perpetrator like credit card, shippers, and the like.
  3. If a credit card was involved: Have you exhausted any remedy available from the credit card company?  Was the card issued by a bank or directly from the credit card company?  Is it a true credit card or a debit card cleared through Visa or MasterCard network?
  4. If a debit card or check is involved, who is the issuing bank? What branch?  Exhaust your remedies with the bank by contacting the proper department.
  5. See if the person is listed in the local on-line telephone book (often or in the Pacific Northwest).
  6. Check voter registration records.
  7. Check Motor Vehicle registrations.
  8. Check drivers license records (private in Washington).
  9. Check state business records (Secretary of State).
  10. Check Internet real property ownership records.
  11. Contact a search firm on the Internet.  Start with free services found by typing “person search” in or other search engine.
  12. Consider paying the $10 or so that personal search firms on the Internet charge to give you more information (find in search engine).
  13. Consider paying for a more extensive and expensive Internet search (find in search engine).
  14. Find a local private investigator and put her on a strict fixed price budget to collect the information.
  15. Contact the police department closest to the perpetrator.
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Financial fraud fighting resources for Oregon and Washington. For lawyers and the general public.

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