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Fraud Remedies Using Non-Government Resources

    Private remedies, not using government agencies or criminal enforcement, are effective only if the perpetrator of the fraud is a "solid" or almost solid citizen.  If he or she is a outright thief or is intentionally scamming you, the odds are not good that you will ever recover anything.    A solid citizen will usually have a job and semi-permanent location.  A "flakey" person (for example) will not have a reliable telephone number and will seem as though she is trying to hide.  Pick a selection to continue your investigation. Often the best recourse is small claims court.


I think the perpetrator is a "solid" citizen


I think he or she is "flakey."


I don't know.  How do I find out?

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FRAUD TIP: Always try to know the person you are dealing with.  Obtain as much information as you can before you do business with her.  If you ignore this rule you are gambling.  If you are defrauded after ignoring this tip, don't forget to take some of the blame yourself.






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Financial fraud fighting resources for Oregon and Washington. For lawyers and the general public.

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