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Fraud on Businesses

Fraud on Merchants by Consumers

Normally the problem comes down to not being able to find the fraudulent consumer.  The merchant is left with a bad check or bad credit card charge and cannot find the perpetrator.  Private legal remedies are usually not appropriate for this type of fraud. It may solve the problem of finding the missing person but it is expensive.

The law allows subpoenas and discovery powers including the power to force the perpetrator to give his deposition in front of a court reporter (deposition)   Expect to pay around $1,000 to file a simple legal action including service fees and filing fees.  Depositions run about $300 per hour (lawyer and court reporter) plus preparation time.  You soon could have thousands of dollars invested chasing a dishonest person who probably not pay even if you obtain a judgment.


Ideas for finding dishonest consumers


Private remedies for fraud

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