Financial fraud fighting resources for law professionals and the general public. Oregon and Washington. 

Fraud Law Resources for Oregon and Washington





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Fraud by Type


Automobiles and Auto Dealers

Read Automobile Sale Fraud


Read Real Estate Contractor Issues

Get Rich Quick

Read Stock buying and other shortcuts to wealth
  Identity Theft

Identity Theft Information


Nigerian and Other Exotic Frauds

Read Nigerian and other exotic cons offering a chance to help recover large sums for a hapless person begging for your help

Ponzi and Loan Fraud


Ponzi, Predatory lending and related frauds

Public Companies

Read Fraud by Public Companies
  Tax Fraud

Fraudulent Schemes to Avoid Tax

Read Can't Find the Type of Fraud You are Looking For?






Professional Access
Fraud on Investors
Fraud on Seniors
Fraud on Businesses
Fraud by Businesses
Fraud by Fiduciaries
Fraud on Government


Financial fraud fighting resources for Oregon and Washington. For lawyers and the general public.

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