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    The goal of this site is to offer an interactive method of learning about and accessing information about fraud.  The design includes multiple access point to the same information.

    Hyperlinks are accomplished primarily through "READ" buttons with a description of the destination of the link to the right.  Merely click on any of these buttons to move to the listed topic. 

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First Page returns to the beginning page of the site or the “home page.”

Free Email gives an opportunity to obtain a human response through email without cost or obligation. 

General Information is a good way for the novice to start a quest for knowledge.  It is linked to the entire site in various ways.

Fraud Websites offers several pages of links to other web sites that contain related useful information.

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Sources of Help offers information on legal, consulting, and professional services available to assist victims of fraud.

Contributors is a list of those who have provided the information used in this website.

Disclaimer lets you know that it is dangerous to try to apply the information on this site to your case without the assistance of a professional. 



Professional Access is designed for easy access for lawyers and other professionals who understand legal terminology.

Fraud on Investors provides assistance for those who have securities fraud issues.

Fraud on Seniors helps with understanding, prevention, and detection of elder fraud.

Fraud on Business examines the techniques and preventative measures to assist businesses to prevent fraud.

Fraud by Business explains consumer protection laws and other consumer rights.

Fraud by Fiduciaries examines the rights of fiduciaries and beneficiaries.


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Financial fraud fighting resources for Oregon and Washington. For lawyers and the general public.

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