Washington Securities Law

If you are a business owner, then we suggest that you stick around because in this article. We are going to talk about how you should use securities law for your benefit in the state of Washington. The reason why we pointed out just Washington was because every state has a different law for securities and depending on your state you will have to go through a different procedure. That’s why it is important that you follow this article if you are from Washington state. If you are from some other state, you can look up on the internet what are the laws in your area and how they work.


Businesses which are raising money are usually called issuers simply because they are issuing securities directly to their investors. In the state of Washington, the law requires these businesses to issue their securities as registered or exempt. If you know anything about these processes, then you definitely know how expensive registration is and how much time it takes. That’s why most people are choosing the exempt option. Of course, before you proceed any further you first need to check if any of these exemptions fit your circumstances.

Stock Dividends

This is an exemption that is providing issuance of any stock that was dividend by a corporation. For this exemption, you will be required to do absolutely no filing what so ever. What you need to know about this type of exemption is that the corporation which is distributing. The stocks don’t always have to be the one that is issuing the stocks.


Also, a helpful tip from professionals is that the issuer doesn’t have to be registered as a broker-dealer and you are not even required to pay any commission because there are no payments made with the stock dividend. We hope that you found this article helpful because that was our intention to give out helpful. And valuable information about Washington’s Securities Law.